Episode 10 : Monotone = GOOD???

This is the Tenth episode of Raw Thought Radio! This episode is Hosted by Breeze alongside Ckeelay. Today we talk about our opinion on Ski Mask The Slump God’s New Album “Beware The Book Of Eli”.

We also introduce a new segment of reviewing new tracks of the day including Andre 3000’s “Me&My” & Slow Whoozy Jazz influenced instrumental “Look Ma No Hands” Released yesterday for Mother’s Day!
John Mayer’s “New Light”

Rita Ora’s “Girls” Ft Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, & Cardi B

Joji’s “Yeah Right”

Drake & Lil Baby’s “Pikachu”


Beach House’s “Lose Your Smile”

Here’s where you can check out the songs mention in this episode! :

Podcast Time Stamps :

  • Andre 300 – Me&Your – 36:06
  • John Mayer – New Light 41:15
  • Rita Ora – Girls – 44:09
  • Joji – Yeah Right – 47:30
  • Drake – Pikachu – 50:04
  • Beach House – Lose Your Smile – 51:22

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Episode 8 : Where’s Your Religion Tho?

Episode 8-01This is the eighth episode of Raw Thought Radio! This episode is Hosted by Breeze alongside Co-hosts Ckeelay, Asia Flames, and Shaman. We also brought on some new special guests, Tomastick with his sister Emmarie and cousin Ava. Tomastick has created a Facebook page named The Unofficial Hype to share artists he finds interesting and worth checking out. Since he shared Aero Mystic and we thought that was so sick of him, we decided to have him on the show to pick his brain about promotion, his page and music among other topics. Asia brings up questions about condoms, religion, and waffles. Shaman comes in fashionably late to speak his opinion about these topics and how the transformers have to do with the pyramids in real life. I think? I don’t know… I’m still confused. But hey! If you can decipher Shaman’s tangents let me know! – Breeze

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Episode 3 : “You Fckn Lost”

The Third episode of Raw Thought radio! Hosted by Breeze alongside co-host Yo$hwa, & Co-hosts AsiaFlames & Ckeelay.

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