Archers – WHEREAMI? (Full Album)

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GetTfOut – Huey Lyrics

Im back like I disappeared,
Puffin woods thicker
than my thumb,
Don’t tell my mother, That im back on these on drugs

I been just takin with death,
Flirtin with quali,
Dont  give me no molly,
Im poppin these beans,
My girl gimmie top,
While im fallin asleep,

Lets cease all the
Bullshit, &
Get back to buisness,
I just want all the cash
Fuck the fame,
You can have that shit,
You can have that bitch,

I been just makin my money,
Keepin it cash,
I Keep your rent around my fuck neck,
Member back when i was  broke,
6 same shirts for 4 years,

Now its off-white,
$500 a shirt,
Got a brand new whip,
Goddamn right,
I got the right to brag,
I worked for this shit,
So you can suck my dick,

Haters be talkin that shit,
I just be laughin
And liking their shit,
Po’ up a 2 in a sprite,
Ckyle he mad cuz i ripped
Up his swisher,
Smoked up a backwood,
Now this faggot be high,