Archers – Who Dis? (Official Video)

Archers – Who Dis? (Official Video)
Second Single Off New Project “WHEREAMI?” by ARCHERS
Album available here! :
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Directed by: ARCHERS
Shot & Edited by: Bamncamp
AEROMYSTIC IG: @Aeromystic
Ckeelay Social Media: @Ckeelay
Yo$hwa Social Media: @Shwatermelon


Archers – WHEREAMI? (Full Album)

Archers – WHEREAMI? Can be streamed right here!

GetTfOut – Huey Lyrics

Im back like I disappeared,
Puffin woods thicker
than my thumb,
Don’t tell my mother, That im back on these on drugs

I been just takin with death,
Flirtin with quali,
Dont  give me no molly,
Im poppin these beans,
My girl gimmie top,
While im fallin asleep,

Lets cease all the
Bullshit, &
Get back to buisness,
I just want all the cash
Fuck the fame,
You can have that shit,
You can have that bitch,

I been just makin my money,
Keepin it cash,
I Keep your rent around my fuck neck,
Member back when i was  broke,
6 same shirts for 4 years,

Now its off-white,
$500 a shirt,
Got a brand new whip,
Goddamn right,
I got the right to brag,
I worked for this shit,
So you can suck my dick,

Haters be talkin that shit,
I just be laughin
And liking their shit,
Po’ up a 2 in a sprite,
Ckyle he mad cuz i ripped
Up his swisher,
Smoked up a backwood,
Now this faggot be high,

NuFeelz – AsiaFlames

“NuFeelz” by AsiaFlames was released in August of 2016

“NuFeelz is just about myself and how I feel towards relationships and my personal love potential. Also my major frustration when someone doesn’t see that or doesn’t like me which is for sure being said in ‘nigga fuck you’. The second part is me singing about how great things could be and how the vibe of my love would feel. Basically I’m a hopeless romantic.” -AsiaFlames

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